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Education Loan ?

What is necessary for Education Loan?


Dear friends once more I welcome to you in my another new blog

In this blog I will tell you necessary things about Education Loan.

Friends at the time of applying for education loan you should have a co applicant or *guarantor

One more important thing for Education Loan that guarantor should have fixed source of income

(* a person who promises to pay back a loan if the original borrower does not pay it back)

All Indian banks Provide education loan to students for studying in India or abroad.

Normally interest rate of these kinds of loans is up to 15% to 18% for Education loan

Normally banks give time to pay  Education loan

It starts from after completing study or after getting job

Normally it takes 1 year to 3 year time

Students can pay their Education loan after getting job so it’s easy for them

to pay their Education loan

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According to reserve bank of India guidelines for Education loan

There is no need of guarantor for Education loan up to 400000

If Education loan is more than 400000 so loan guarantor is required

Third party guarantee is must for Education loan more than 400000

Students can get rebate on Rate of interest of theirs Debt (Education Loan)

It is Based on theirs institute or merit rank of students

Other than this thing girl students can get rebate on Rate of interest of their Debt (Education Loan)

Maximum 1000000 Rs Education loan can be taken for getting education in any institution of India

Maximum 2000000 Rs Education loan can be taken for getting education in any institution of abroad

Maximum Education loan amount can be increased in any special case.

Essential documents for Education loan

Admission letter

Estimated value of expenditure for education course by university or college

Photo passport size

Identity card of student and guardian (aadhar card or voter id card )

Essential marksheet

Bank records of last 6 months of student or co applicant or *guarantor

Income proof

guardian will have to fill Bank return form bank last two years

Faq -:

Qus 1 -: for which kind of courses I can get education loan ?

Ans -: Education loan can be approved for any graduate/postgraduate degree and PG    diplomas courses run by recognized universities like                                 UGC/Govt./AICTE/AIBMS/ICMR etc.

 Reputed professional and technical courses are also considered like B.E / B.E /       L.L.M/ M.B.B.S/ MCA

Students can check Approval for education loan on

Loans for courses in reputed foreign universities are also granted. Indicative list is available on

Qus -: what kind of Expenses bank gives in Education loan?

Ans -:

1 College Fees

2 Accommodation charges,

3 Exam and library fees

4 Reasonable expenses for books and equipment including computer

5 Travelling expenses abroad and other reasonable expenses required to complete course.

Qus -: what is period for repayment?

Ans -: student will have to pay their education loan

After completing course period + 1 year or 6 month or after getting job, whichever is earlier

Qus -: I will have to pay how much earnest money for getting loan ?

Ans -: student will not have to pay earnest money for education loan up to 4 lakh

Above 4 lakh education loan student will have to pay 5 percent to 15 percent for study in india and abroad

Qus -: I can get education loan for how much Tenure period?

Ans -: 0 and 15 years for education loan upto Rs 7.5 lakhs

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