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8 Tips To Prepare For Exams

8 Tips To Prepare For Exams

As the title suggests,8 Tips to prepare for exams.today in this blog post, we are going to discuss about how to prepare yourself to get better marks in exams. There are many problems that one faces while studying. Either he cannot concentrate in studying or he cannot write impressively in exams.

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so come to the point as

We are writing this blog post after doing a lot of research and adding in it our personal experience. Before writing this post, I also took advice from many teachers, because they can easily tell the reasons why a child gets fewer marks in exams.

So below, you can find all the reasons for a child to get fewer marks including advices for increasing them

Prepare Yourself For Exams PROPERLY

By preparing, I here mean that you should study in the correct way. Instead of studying in peak days, when exams are near, try to prepare yourself by studying whole year. One thing to note here is that if you will not prepare yourself and study in a hurry, you will never be able to memorize things. Plus, if you will try to memorize things on urgent basis, then you’ll start to feel a headache.
Now think that you are prepared for exams. Since you are prepared and you have already memorized topics for exams, you will not feel headache. You will be relaxed because instead of wasting your precious time, you were studying whole year.
Research tells us that students who prepare themselves for exams from very start obtain better marks than those students who start studying a week before exams.
Before closing this heading, I would like to say that properly divide your study time into subjects.

  • Why Solo Study, When You Can Make GROUPS ?

    Everyone has friends and I am quite sure that you will have too. Why not make a group of friends for studying together? It is not only a great idea, but it will also help in clearing each other’s concept. How? Let’s see below.
    Let’s say you have a friend “A” who was present in class on 13th. Now, you “B” were not present on that day. After few days, “A” was absent in class, while you “B” were present.
    Now, in above story, “A” could help “B” to teach him what he missed due to his absence. Similarly, “B” could also help “A” in teaching him what he missed due to absence.
    So, from this all, we learnt that group study can help a lot in getting better marks, because if one’s concept will be clear, then he will be able to write continuously in exams.

  • Take Proper SLEEP

    Believe me or not, but sleep has a direct effect on your studies. If you are not taking proper sleep, then you will feel tired all day long. When you will feel tired, then how the hell will you study?
    You will not be able to understand concepts during class; your head will be suffering from headache. You will feel like you should kill yourself.
    After some time, you will sleep in class and miss the whole lecture. This is why it is very important to take sleep properly.

  • Learn How To Get Rid Of Your STRESS

    Ok, we have to agree it here, every child faces stress, not stress, but a lot of stress during exam days. Learn how you can make yourself calm and stress free.
    If you will be stress free, then you will be able to study properly. If you are able to study properly, and then trust me, nobody can stop you from getting impressive marks in exams.

  • Ask For Help From TEACHERS

    Many children don’t understand class lectures properly. They feel shyness in asking questions from their teachers. This is another reason that their concept is not cleared and therefore they are unable to perform well in exams.
    Just note my point here; never ever get afraid to ask from your teachers. They are teachers, teaching is their passion. They will help you in clearing your concepts. Another thing to not forget here is that you will have a backup of your friends in class who are going to support your question.

  • Improve Your ENGLISH

    One small, but important thing that you can do to get better marks in exams is to improve your English skills. In almost all of the countries, the final exams are held in English language.
    One thing that we need to understand here is that not every child is a native English speaker. Some are non-English speakers too.
    So, let’s say your English listening skills are perfect, and you cleared all of your concepts in class lectures. Now, today is the exam day, you have the entire concept in your mind, but how are you going to deliver it in answer sheets?
    If you have good English writing skills, then you can easily and properly deliver the whole concept in your answer sheets.
    You need to work on your vocabulary, grammar, and all the other English terms.

  • Improve your HANDWRITING

    Handwriting is another reason that students get lesser marks than their expectations. You are a sharp student. Your concepts are clear and you have great English writing skills too.
    BUT, is your handwriting good enough to impress the answer sheet checker?
    No? Then start working on your handwriting and writing speed.
    The main reason that why students cannot maintain their good writing in exams is because they are writing too fast and they cannot control their pens.
    Writing fast in exams is important because you have limited time, but always keep one thing in mind, you need to write beautifully in exams.
    What can you do?
    Increase your hand’s writing speed without destroying the beauty of your fonts.

  • Properly Format Your ANSWERSHEET

    Formatting your answer sheet correctly is another way of impressing the checker. If your answer sheet is properly formatted, then there are a lot of chances that you get more marks.
    What do I mean?
    By formatting, I mean that you should divide your answers into paragraphs, assign headings for each paragraph. Boldly, differ between headings and sub-headings. After every answer, try to write a conclusion paragraph. Make use of quotes and poem lines in literature subjects.


So, I hope you understood all the ways of acquiring more marks in exams. All of these ways were properly researched, in order to ensure your success in exams. If you enjoyed reading this guide, then please do let me know by comments. Also, if you want to ask any question, then you can use the comment box below.
Thanks For Reading!


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